Micro Needling



Skinroller treatment – ideal for treating acne scars and loss of collagen in the skin – utilizes the body’s healing mechanism to stimulate collagen formation. In a controlled fashion the tiny needles in the skinroller ‘hurts’ the skin on a microscopic level, which ‘switches on’ the healing mechanism which causes the collagen to be formed in the skin. This happens by the process called neo-collagenesis.  By week 6 the type 3 collagen is changed into type 1 collagen (long lasting). With repeated treatments, visible improvement in the fine lines, pigmentation and depth of acne scarring can be seen.  By the process of neo-angiogenesis new capillaries are sprouted due to needles stimulating the cells lining blood vessels in the skin. This improved blood flow increases nutrition to the skin.

Skinroller treatment offers up to 800% increased absorption of skinceuticals like anti-ageing serums, treatment for hair loss and mesotherapy.

The skin appears flushed for less than 24 hours, so down time is a minimum for this very effective rejuvenation treatment. The skin is more sun sensitive after skin roller treatment and high SPF sun protection is a must for a month after the skin roller treatment. Hydrating specially formulated creams used during this period can enhance the effect of the skin roller. What follows is a phase of exfoliation.

After week 1 texture and tone improves; after week 2-3 pigmentation improves. After week 6 skin tightening helps smooth lines and even out scars as well as decreasing large pores.

Skinroller treatments can be done in the following areas: scalp (hair loss), face, neck, chest area and body.

A typical course of treatment is 3-5 sessions, each a month apart.  It  can take up to 6 weeks for visible signs of regeneration and repair to be seen and improvement will continue for months providing a gradual and long-lasting enhancement.

The newest development on this front is an electrical device called the Micro Needling Pen which uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin.  Due to the fast speed by which the piercing is done with this device, the level of discomfort is greatly reduced. An added benefit is that the needle length is adjustable so treatment can be varied according to thickness of the skin, without added cost as one needle tip does it all during the treatment.

The Micro Needling Pen has shown amazing improvement in scar tissue (other than acne scarring) like keloid scarring and even stretch marks.

A special precaution to keep in mind is to stop Vit A skin creams a few days before microneedling, up until all redness has subsided afterwards.