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Botox Treatments

Botox Treatments

Botox® – Face & Neck

Botulinum Toxin (otherwise known as Botox®) is used in the face and neck area to soften or neutralize muscle action. The resulting change or softening in the facial expression decrease how much the skin gets folded and ultimately decrease expression line formation. In a young face, the Botulinum Toxin can “prevent” the formation of lines and in an older face it can slow down the process.

There are multiple frown patterns and individual variations in forehead muscle size. It is key that the treating doctor has a keen eye for detail. There is a balance between muscle groups and in order to preserve as natural look as possible (whilst softening expression lines at the same time), an artistic approach as well as excellent knowledge of facial anatomy and a steady hand is required when it comes to injecting the face.

Botulinum treatments typically last 3 – 4 months and the motto “you can always add” has been proven wise on many occasions. Once Botulinum Toxin has been administered, there is no way to remove it from body but to wait for the time it takes the body to break it down.

Botox® – Body

Hyperhidrosis – For anyone who knows the anguish of excessive sweating under the arms, Botulinum Toxin treatment of the skin of the axillae has been a breakthrough. No more wearing dark colours and worries about large wet patches on clothes or stains left by antiperspirants. Using tincture of iodine followed by starch powder, the exact areas to be treated are revealed and typically a 6 monthly treatment is sufficient for excessive underarm perspiration.

Excessive sweating of the palms of the hands used to be treated by thoracic sympothectomy, whereby parts of the sympathetic nervous system next to the 1st – 5th thoracic vertebrae was removed. Thankfully due to advances in surgery techniques, this is nowadays done by “keyhole surgery”. This still requires a general anesthetic and one of the side effects is that the surgery can change the way the nerves function in the body wider than just the sweating of the hands.

Using Botulinum Toxin directly in the hands reduces sweating and even though this treatment needs to be repeated 6 monthly it is safer overall whilst being really effective at the same time.

Using Botulinum Toxin in the feet for sweat reduction is widely accepted and brings relief to many who suffers with the problem.


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