Mesotherapy has been used for years (especially in France) to administer nutrients to the skin.

The treatment is used to ‘hurt & feed’ the skin on a microscopic level, thus stimulating collagen formation in the skin.

By careful selection of the specific nutrients like caffeine, artichoke and metabolites, micro-circulation and improved lymph drainage can be encouraged, thus treating and improving the appearance of cellulite and loose skin with stretch marks during body treatments.

This treatment is also more effective when a course of 6 – 10 treatments are done. Areas that benefit from mesotherapy are: Scalp (hair loss), face, neck, chest area and body.


This treatment, during which a portion of a patient’s own blood is used as a healing agent, is widely in use in the medical field, eg. orthopaedic joint replacement and skin grafts treating burns.

Platelets contain growth factors and by injecting plasma which contains platelets into facial lines, the rejuvenation by collagen formation is “kick started”. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) can also be dripped onto the skin during skinroller treatment, with exciting rejuvenating results. The blood is collected from the patient and prepared by using a centrifuge
to separate the red blood cells and the plasma with platelets and few stem cells. By adding lignocaine the platelets are encouraged to release the growth factors directly before injection.

PRP is used on the face & neck, chest area, and the back of the hands by aesthetic practitioners.This treatment can rejuvenate the lower eyelid skin with little down time. The usual 12 week treatment regime is one PRP session & skinroller, followed by two skinroller treatments.