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PDO - Threads

PDO - Threads


Thread lifting or Fine Thread Contour Therapy is NOT new however Fine Thread Contour PDO Therapy is NEW and very effective.

It is a minimally invasive, fast and easy procedure with no scarring and minimal down time, our cannula threads help minimise bruising.


Fine Thread Contour PDO Therapy instantly lifts sagging tissue and induces more blood circulation as well as collagen, as a result, it creates ideal face and body contour lines on eyebrows, nasolabial folds, chin lines, double chin neck lines, abdomen, thighs and love handles, it also helps to enhance skin firming.

The Fine Thread Contour PDO Therapy can also be used to complement other aesthetic medical therapies and techniques such as Laser, IPL and Chemical peeling, RF, RF Microneedling, Fillers and Botox.


• FTC PDO Threads are safe

• Our threads give both a tissue lift as well as skin rejuvenation

• Insertion technique is less complicated than competitors

• Biodegradeable within 6 months and effect can last up to 3 years

• PDO MONO threads inserted into the dermis gives skin tightening and skin rejuvenation

• PDO MONO threads inserted into the sub cutaneous adipose tissue cause lipolysis

• PDO COG threads give SMAS lifting (Jawline & jowl lift and cheek lift)


This type of thread contains PLLA (poly-lactic acid) which dissolves slowly over 3 months. The thread comes in one standard thickness,  but different amounts of cones tied into it, which makes for adaptable use in longer stretches of skin like bigger faces or body treatments like upper arms or inner thighs. I use local anaesthetic to numb up the entry and exit points of the needle.  I found this to be more sore than placing the threads when I had it done myself!  The procedure is about a 5/10 pain and it is tender for several days afterwards as the cones in the thread produces a strong lift/pull and pain receptors your skin tell you all about it!  The collagen that PLLA creates is of the best and can last 2-5yrs.  You are not supposed to make big facial expressions afterwards for about 2 days and also need to sleep upright for 2 days as you don’t want to dislodge the cones in their grippy position.  The amount of collagen formed is a reflection of your health and a healthy lifestyle promotes better collagen production.  Puckering of the skin is part and Parcel of this treatment and can take some weeks to go. As is bruising. Bruising can take  7 days but sometimes 14 days to go.


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