S.S. (Lady of 62 in the Finance Industry)

After receiving PDO Thread Treatment: Hiya just to let you know, I have minimal swelling on right check (no one else would notice), tiny faint bruises where the plasters are, and I can’t stop looking at my new cheekbones and heart shaped lower jaw. You are amazing. Thank you!

N.S. (Lady of 42 in the Finance Industry)

I was recommended to Dr Chapman by a friend and I have been very impressed by her work. I have botox and lip fillers with Dr Chapman and each time have been pleased with the results and the professional service and advice she gives. A very natural look has been achieved and I will continue to use Dr Chapman.

S.A.P. (Lady of 59)

Looking tired and washed out, I saw Dr Chapman to see if she could help. I had a big wedding coming up. What a warm, professional lady she is! She explained what treatment would be specific for my problems and carried them out explaining as she went along. After 7 days the difference was remarkable, what a transformation, people who don’t know me remark on my skin.

J.D (50+male, businessman), Ilford Essex

I have been a patient of Dr Chapman for over a year. Have had several anti-ageing procedures carried out, all with very pleasing results.Dr Chapman fully discusses treatment before hand, fully explaining what’s best for your individual needs for natural looking results.

Janet Church (51yr female, health care worker)

I am so glad I was introduced to Anina. I had bad lines between my eyes, fixed by botox. I’ve since given up smoking, but skin was bad for which I had a deep face peel. Lines around nose and mouth improved by fillers and I feel so good after any procedure Anina does with her magic wand. I am a normal working girl and save up to have the treatment of celebrities – I am 51, looking good and feeling great.

J.P (40+, female, actress)

I am an actress. I call Anina my magician, she can work magic! I have had botox and fillers. I ask for a subtle effect and that is what I get. No frozen effect or trout pout! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jackie L (40, female,PA) City of London

A real testament to someone is when you recommend your close friends and family to someone and that is what I have done. Anina is great at making me feel completely at ease; with her extensive experience and knowledge she can advise of a solution for almost everything! I am so glad I know her. x

S.L (60+ female, Therapist) London

As a patient of Dr Chapman I would like to say how happy I have been with the Botox, Restylane & Sculptra treatments she has given me. I always feel I am in skilled caring hands & that the fee charged for these treatments is very fair. Dr Chapman also has her heart in her work & is just as happy for me as I am about all the improvements she can do. I really appreciate her expert help & would not hesitate to recommend.

BM, (50+, female)

I have recently had my lips “plumped” with Dr Chapman and the difference is phenomenal, I look younger, and am so happy with the results. I was very worried that I would have the awful “trout pout” after having it done, but Dr Chapman reassured me that I would not and she was right. I love it and fully intend to continuing to have it done!

C.M. (30, female)

I imagined that botox would be very painful but Chapman is such an expert in what she does that it was over very quickly and I didn’t feel a thing! I look so much better and now don’t feel like I have to wear make-up every day to hide the wrinkles which had recently started to appear! I feel far more confident in myself and now recommend Dr Chapman to everyone I know!

L.B (59, female)

I appreciate Dr Chapman’s honesty- she won’t do a treatment unless it is really indicated. I feel comfortable when she treats me and confident that the final outcome of the treatment will be natural. I am so thankful to my friend who recommended Dr Chapman to me.